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R/V Point Sur - Bathymetric Systems


The Knudsen 320BR Echosounder has dual frequency capability:  12 kHz and 3.5 kHz


The EchoControl program, used to control the echosounder, will record files in Binary "echogram" files (.keb) and fully configurable ASCII data files (.kea). SEG-Y and XTF recording is also available on request for most frequencies. The EchoControl program can record all 4 data file types simultaneously allowing the user a wide range of options for interfacing with third party survey software. Event marks showing lat/lon & time can be recorded along the way to make a record of notable features.

Typical use of the echosounder on the R/V Point Sur can be seen in screen shot below where a dedicated computer stores and displays real-time data. The navigation software shown to the left supplements the echosounding by allowing users to anticipate changes in depth and also by providing a cross-check for the depth being shown by the echosounder.

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